Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Yes - I would love to be a Pioneer Woman today

Violent storms with winds clocked at over 100mph hit our town last evening and left a wake of devastation.  Schools are closed. Businesses are closed. Roads are closed. Street signs lay crumpled up like aluminum foil and uprooted trees and downed power lines can be found everywhere. We are safe and sound and all the puppies and doggies are fine.  We have some missing shingles and tree limbs everywhere, but other than that we escaped real damage.  The rest of the town isn't so lucky. I have one friend that can see the sky....from inside her house! Others lost their cars and barns and it is just a big mess. We are on well water here - so no electricity = no water.  It makes things particularly challenging. We also have elderly neighbors on both sides of us that need assistance so very early this morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres was out making sure everyone was okay.  He has been in and out, back and forth all day long taking care of everyone and everything. My son has been helping as well.  My daughter and I are making sure all the doggies and puppies are fine so it has been a busy day. "Fortunately" (or maybe I should say "Unfortunately" LOL) we are used to this. One Christmas we had a horrible ice storm and it left the entire area paralyzed for almost a week.  We had Christmas by candlelight and played board games every evening.  We have a camping type propane stove so we were able to cook meals for everyone around.  Our neighbors definitely appreciated the warm food!  We are lucky enough to be able to heat our home with wood - so we kept everyone warm and toasty and in looking back - it is a Christmas that we will always remember.  It was the Candle Light Christmas of Family and Friends. In September 2009 an actual Hurricane ripped through here - despite the fact that Ohio is NO where near an ocean - and it left everyone without power for almost 9 days.  I practically lived at the nearby coffee shop as it was the only place with power and internet.  I drove home with water every so often and we all managed to get through it. I think my hair smelled like coffee for a month! So today starts the fun pioneer life once again.  Days like these, make days when you turn on the faucet and water comes out, ever so much more appreciated! Guess it is time for me to go fetch the bucket!

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