Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dressful, Bearful, Sandwichful, Musicful day!

This morning my daughter and I walked out the door with her prom dress in hand and hit the road. We had an appointment to get her prom dress altered and the place is a good hour's drive from our home so we got an early start.  We arrived just on time and the seamstress got all the measurements made and the dress should be ready by the end of the month. My daughter is so excited as the dress will fit just perfectly now.  Since we were so far from home......and by my exact calculations the Zoo was a mere 9 miles from our location.....what could we do?  Go straight home or try yet once again to catch a glimpse of our new polar bears? POLAR BEARS! We have gone before only to see them sleeping far off in the distance.  We thought we would just scurry over and run to the polar bear frontier and see if we could get lucky this time. Well evidently we chose wisely because the bears were out in full fashion!  We arrived just in time to see one of the polar bears swimming and fishing.  She was adorable!

We just wanted to reach out and hug her!
She had a blast swimming and was so graceful both in and out of the water.
We wanted to stay all day and watch her swim but we really had to get home.  My husband's uncle was having a retirement party and I really needed to get home so we wouldn't be late.  I called to let Mr. Yesteryear Acres know we were for REAL on the way and he said we could stay another 15-20 minutes and still be okay on timing so then we RAN to the Grizzly bear exhibit and look what we saw...
Hey Man - stay off of my rock


It was AWESOME!  We could "BEARLY" tear ourselves away, but felt we definitely got our bear's worth! Once we got home, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son took off for the party.  There was much too much work to be done at home and the puppies are really too little to leave behind so my daughter and I stayed home to care for the little babies and get some work done. We made the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches with Irish cream butter and homemade potato bread for lunch. Mmmmmm! They were soooo good! We then decided to play all the American Idol episodes we have missed so far and get caught up on all the good music while we worked. It made the day perfect.  We didn't get everything done that we wanted to get finished so you know what that makes tomorrow? Pictureful day!!!!  The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow so I am hoping to get some awesome pictures of all our sweet puppies. I am sure it will be Picture Perfect!!!

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