Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you little doggie

Well our little puppy didn’t make it to Maine.  I tried everything.  I tried to remain upbeat today but having someone extremely mad at me just gets to me. I don’t know why I let one situation make me feel so completely miserable, but I guess I am just that way. I care a lot about our puppies and about our puppy families. Even though the delivery situation wasn’t something that I had any control over, I went as far as to offer the puppy free of charge if the family could find a way here to come pick her up. That solution didn’t work either. Since the puppy didn’t make it to Maine this weekend, the family decided to pass on bringing her home. She is a sweet little puppy and will definitely bring smiles and lots of love to whoever adopts her.  Right now she is snuggled up with my daughter while she does her practice AP Calculus tests. The puppy is being very supportive and is keeping my daughter’s spirits up while she wrestles with hours of math.  I have noticed that the sun SO desperately wants to come out today.  There have been little peeks of sunshine every now and then so hopefully all this wetness will dry up soon.  I wouldn’t mind if the sun warmed me up too. It is a bit breezy and chilly for late April! I am going to head out this afternoon and take some new pictures of all our puppies for the website.  We have 7 Scarlet puppies that need new updated photos so they can show off how lovely they are. I am keeping my fingers crossed for lots of great pictures!  Tonight Mr. Yesteryear Acres is making his famous vegetable soup for dinner.  He said that I get to take the night off which is so sweet of him.  My poor big toe sadly isn’t any better BUT – hey it is only one toe! I have 9 others! LOL. I think it is broken above the joint so that isn’t as bad as it could have been.  I still need to figure out how get a shoe on without pain – but for now I am wearing big fluffy warm socks so maybe I will just stick with that for the week.  I am not sure what to do about sleeping yet because every time I moved last night, the pain in my toe woke me up. My little doggie knew I was not feeling so great so he cuddled under my chin all night and I have to say that made me feel lots better. There is something about the love of a doggie, who just loves you every single day no matter what, and snuggles and cuddles with you…it just makes everything better.  I am lucky to have so much doodle love!!!!

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