Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bath Time!

This morning it was just lovely outside.  As I was taking the puppies outside, I quickly realized that I did not need my heavy jacket. The sun was out and shining and it was splendidly warm.  Ahhhhh. How perfect. It has been a while! Once the puppies were outside romping around I decided the weather was just right for bath day.  Usually I line everyone up in the bathtub but I thought it might be nice to do sponge baths outside instead. Well I can tell you the puppies thought it was a FANTASTIC idea.  Honestly.  First the fun began with all the puppies racing to my big bucket full of Baby Shampoo and warm Water. "OOOH YUMMY!  Look at all those bubbles!!!!  Let's eat the bubbles!!! YUM YUM YUM"  Of course I was endlessly busy trying to get the puppies NOT to eat all the soap bubbles but basically it was a losing game on my end.  The next fun thing was...."LET'S EAT THE WASHCLOTH!!!!" YUM YUM YUM"  Did you know that washcloths were the yummiest thing on the planet?  Did you know that washcloths make the very best tug of war toys? Did you know that 2 puppies running away with a wet washcloth are faster than a wet human sitting on the ground?  Speaking of wet human....yes I was soaked.  I mean REALLY soaked.  The bath time went something like this.....
Me - "Let me get you all nice and clean puppy"
Me - "Okay you can take your wet soaking paws and your wet tummy and get off of my lap now"
Puppy - "OH NO! I DON'T WANT TO. Let me call my other wet brothers and sisters over and we will all crawl in your lap together! YEA WE ARE ALL SNUGGLING WITH YOU!"
Me - wet wet wet wet and yep wet
I didn't realize that OUTSIDE baths were EVER so much more fun than inside baths.  Outside baths are for running and romping and making mud puddles and mostly outside bathtime is for getting human mommies very very very wet.  The end result?
14 beautiful clean shiny nice smelling puppies
One wet soaking dripping muddy soapy human.
Oh well......At least some of us look good!

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