Friday, April 15, 2011


Today I hit the road bright and early with my sweet puppies. After about 30 minutes of the 8+ hour trip, one puppy said, "Arooooooo Awooooooo Aooooooooooooo" which I am fairly certain translates into: "Are we there yet?"  I let him know that, no, we were NOT there yet. Not even close.  This was followed shortly by "Arooooooooooooooooo" then "Arooooooooooooooo" I am not sure why one puppy .....I am not naming names.......MR. ORANGE COLLAR..........but I was keenly aware of each mile marker. It was like traveling with a toddler.  Are we there yet? How about now? How about now? Are we there yet NOW?  Hey, I have a question.....ARE WE THERE YET?  Even though we had one puppy that liked to get the exact navigation coordinates of our trip on a timely basis, the trip itself was a good one. The sun was shining, the weather was beautiful and as I traveled East - Spring came into full bloom.  Once we hit Maryland - SO many beautiful trees were in full flowers.  Daffodils were blooming, tulips were blooming. The world was green and full of flowers. It was SO lovely. It was a little sneak peek at what our place will look like in a few short weeks. It made the drive simply lovely.  I also got to meet the nicest families today.  Everyone was on time and it was definitely love at first sight for all the new families meeting their sweet puppies. On top of the treat of seeing so many happy faces, I got a delicious treat of cupcakes from one of the puppy families.  Mmmmmm!  Now how did they know I like cupcakes?!!!  Tomorrow morning I make the long drive home.  Guess I will watch Spring in Reverse and I will wonder the whole I there yet?????

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