Monday, April 18, 2011

Doodle Friends....Doodle Smiles!

Oh my goodness!  I had sooooo many nice emails and messages and facebook posts - my cup runneth over!!!!!  Thank you so much for all the thoughtful and lovely posts to me.  You made my entire day bright and cheery!!!!! When I first decided to raise puppies about 15 years ago, I knew that I would love it. I love animals.  I love horses and farm animals and zoo animals and fishies and kittens and puppies. I love them all.  When I was in college, I worked in a pet store for several years because I loved animals so much. In the end, I had to stop working at the pet store because I loved animals too much. The constant crating of the puppies really made me feel awful every day. We bought our very first labrador retriever puppies when my daughters were 4 and 1 years old. We named the puppies Ozzie and Harriett and they were just the best doggies ever.  3 years later we added another labrador to our family. Her name was Heidi and of course she was also the very best doggie ever.
We raised sweet labrador puppies for many years and then started raising doodle puppies which we totally adore. I always knew I would love spending my days with adorable puppies.  I knew it was just what I was meant to do. What I didn't imagine way back then, was how many friends I would make along the way. We have met so many wonderful families over the years. I get Christmas Cards and tasty treats (my personal favorite!) and emails and picture updates and every time I see a picture of one of our puppies, I just smile. It is so nice to stay in touch with our puppy families and I am grateful to have made so many dear friends. I have also made friends with other labradoodle breeders which is really awesome because only another labradoodle breeder would truly be able to empathize with just how many times you have to clean up puppy poop in one day. Thank you all my dear friends. Your kind words touched my heart. Raising doodle puppies is a wonderful and fulfilling way to spend our days......making doodle thing ever.

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  1. Renee,

    Never, never question yourself! You and your family are wonderful people and animal lovers. My Max is who is is today by your love and your families. I truly believe your daughter played a huge part in Max's
    "love bug" personality. Jim and I were just sitting here tonight talking about how good Max is.... We want to say thank you to you. xo karen


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