Thursday, April 14, 2011

Non Stop

I have been rushing around non-stop all day long. I was up before 7am and haven't stopped since. Today starts the spring hair cuts for our doodles and poodles.  Every spring all our doodle doggies get lovely new short coats.  We like to have their coats trimmed pretty short each spring. By summertime the coats are just the right length to keep our doodles insulated from the summer heat. The coats are also just the right length to keep our doodles from getting sunburned. We can only a do a few doodles a day so our "spring shearing" will be going on for the next few days.  Can you hear any of our doodles bleating yet? Baaaaaaaaah!  It is always hysterical here with all the "new" looks. 
At first the dogs have to do the "OH MY....who are YOU???! YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!" 
And then of course they get the "HELLO I AM ELMO!!!!" YOU ALREADY KNOW ME!"
Which is followed by, "ELMO? ELMO? OH my gosh You look 10 years younger!!!!"
This goes on for quite a while.  It is a full out fashion show! It cracks me up every time.  Between the spring haircuts - I have been getting all my puppy care packages together for the big weekend.  We have several puppies going to their forever homes so I need baby blankets and collars and puppy food and all the goodies for their big day. I spent most of the day getting everything organized and ready. The only sad thing about being so busy today was that I was too busy to go to my son's first home track meet. I feel sad that I missed it!!!  I really wanted to go but I just couldn't get everything done in time and he was done running before I had a chance to get out the door.  He did really well though and got the fastest time for his school. I so wish I could have seen him! I will have to make it to the next meet.  Thankfully, he understood why I couldn't make it and was super happy about his run time. Tomorrow I am delivering a few puppies so I had to get everything finished today.  I am hoping to leave first thing in the morning. I will be driving all day tomorrow and then at the first light on Saturday morning - I will be driving all the way back home. It will be a long 2 days - but totally worth it.  Who doesn't like to deliver happiness?  The puppies all say THEY ARE READY!

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