Thursday, February 2, 2012

1 Mile ...1 Suitcase...DONE!

Today I set monumental goals. Goal number one - UNPACK Suitcase.  Yes the suitcase from the trip I took with my mom and sister over a week ago. Yes the suitcase that has been staring at me every day since.  I am not sure why - but the motivation to unpack a suitcase full of suntan lotions, swimming suits, sundresses and sandals just eluded me.  It was like saying goodbye to an old friend.  Goodbye dear swimsuits. I will miss you. Goodbye cute sandal (yes just one). I adore you.  Goodbye suntan lotion. I remember when I needed you. Sniff sniff. I unpacked it all. I even put away my snorkel.  All gone and put away, neat and tidy. I also got a number of other things accomplished making my "To Do" list shorter by the hour.  I was quite pleased with myself.  My other big goal was to go walk. A REAL walk. A walk like I mean it and I would like to get back into shape walk.  My son went with me to make sure I would make it.  He is nice that way.  I ended up walking a little over ONE MILE!  With NO cane.  NO crutches!  Just regular sneakers and an ankle brace.  I am very proud.  Of course my ankle is now doing that "Wah Wah Wah" thing.  It has its very own pulse and is a LITTLE bigger than it should be BUT I did it.  I finished an entire mile. I feel myself getting into supersonic shape right now! Yes!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I hope to walk a mile again.  At this rate I will be back to my 4 miles per hour pace by the end of March! ONE STEP AT A TIME! YES!

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