Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a Difference a Week Makes

Each week our puppies change so much.  When they are first born they are teeny tiny little things that can't see or hear.  They have pink little noses and pink little paw pads.  Within a week their pigment starts to darken and right around 10 days of age their little eyes open up.  From week 2 to week 4 they spend a lot of time nursing and sleeping and then nursing some more.  Once they are around 4 weeks of age, we start introducing solid foods to the puppies.  It takes a few days before the puppies get the hang of eating real food, but once they do - the puppies really start to grow.  Their coats start to fill out and the puppies really get super cute.  I always ask new puppy families to wait until the puppies are around 5-6 weeks old before they choose their specific puppy.  Before then it is hard to really know too much about each puppy except of course that it each one is adorably cute! By the time the puppies are eating solid foods and are up and romping about - it is the perfect puppy age to choose which cute furry face you love the most. Just look and see what a difference a week makes.......
Little Pink Collar Girl - 4 Weeks Old

Pink Collar Girl 5 Weeks Old
Little Blue Collar Boy 4 Weeks Old
Blue Collar Boy 5 Weeks Old
Little Green Collar Boy 4 Weeks Old
Green Collar Boy 5 Weeks Old
Little Black Collar Boy 4 Weeks Old
Black Collar Boy 5 Weeks Old
Even though it seems so hard to wait until the puppies get older before making your puppy choice, it is definitely worth it. The puppies just get cuter and cuter with each passing week. Once they are on solid foods the puppies also start going outside to go to the potty and get to experience all kinds of new things. So not only are the puppies cuter...they are also smarter too! Be ready for more fluffiness next week! These puppies will almost be old enough to go to their new homes and of course...will be even cuter!!!!!


  1. This post is so sweet ! We are getting so excited to pick out our double doodle puppy in April. Your posts are so informative and fun.
    The Andersons in MD

  2. To Andersons in MD: We too are getting our puppy in April and are in MD! Where in MD do you live... would love to get the siblings together sometime for a playdate:) If interested email me at . PS We are very normal people... lol!!


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