Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcoming Committee

I had quite the welcoming committee waiting for me at the door when I returned this evening.  I have to say if you ever want a quick ego boost - leave your house for a while and then come back to a parade of dog tail wagging.  You will feel as though you did something heroic when in fact all you really did is walk in the door. I couldn't even get a full step inside before I was surrounded by puppy and dog kisses and lots of tail wagging.  All the doggies acted like I had been gone for years.  I didn't know I was missed so much! It is nice to be so loved! I am definitely looking forward to going to bed early tonight. I am SO tired.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  Maybe just maybe ....I will sleep in tomorrow morning! I mean the doggies DID miss me.  They DO like sleeping in.  Perhaps I can suggest that the DOGGIES really wanted to sleep in and I am merely obliging their wishes.  I mean obviously it isn't MY choice to sleep in - but what can I do?  The doggies are so cute.  I feel I must not disappoint them.  Pajama Time!

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