Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whisper of Snow!

Yay!  It is SNOWING! Oh my gosh have I missed snow. Beautiful white snow!  When I woke up this morning I gasped out loud. Everything was ALMOST white.  You know it has been a dreary muddy winter when the excitement builds at 1/4 inch of snow on the ground!  We just haven't seen snow this winter. My older daughter has wanted a pair of real snowboarding pants and jacket for years. This Christmas she finally got them.  She has worn the new snowboarding gear exactly once. In the house. On Christmas.  That is it.  We haven't really even had cold enough weather to enjoy a snowboarding jacket.  While we definitely do not have enough snow for snowboarding, or snowmen, or pure whiteness - it is snow covered outside! The trees have little white fingers. The rooftops are all white. Our yard is pretty much all white.... Even the muddy parts!  It looks SO BEAUTIFUL!  The puppies however think it looks SO TASTY! Every time they have gone outside today it is all "lick, lick lick, lick lick".  They have had their fill of snow today!  They have little snowbeards and little snow mustaches when they come back inside.  It is adorable. With this much fun with just a whisper of snow.....I can't imagine how much fun we would have if we got a real snowfall!  Winter isn't over yet!  Maybe there is still a chance!

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