Thursday, February 9, 2012

Perfect.....Oh wait....Never Mind

So I had the perfect plan all lined up.  I figured out a way to see my daughter at the Naval Academy, deliver the puppies AND save my ankle.  It was perfect.  My son who now has his very own driver's permit can DRIVE.  And he LOVES to drive! And he WANTS to drive. And he loves puppies. He is the most awesome puppy assistant ever.  The puppies adore him, he works/plays with them every single day and he loves what he does here at Yesteryear Acres.  He is also the perfect travel companion because he talks to me and we have in depth conversations for the entire duration of our road trips. So - I told my son that if he got an A on his next Honors Geometry exam - he could miss school on Friday and come with me to Annapolis.  His school has a 2 hour early release due to a wrestling tournament so he wouldn't even be missing a full day. So of course my son gets an A.  Not only does he get an A - he gets 100% A+. So we are all SET!  Road Trip!  My very own Chauffeur!  My very own assistant that helps clean up puppy poop and puts gas in the car and keeps me company and takes the puppies for walks!  I have his favorite snack foods packed. I have everything ready! Until.........
My son walks in the door after school today - green.  I mean really green. He is burning up with a fever and has a deep productive cough. He says he feels fine, *cough cough cough* and can make it, as his backpack drops to the floor. *sigh*  Road trip for one.  Here I come.

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