Friday, February 24, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Oh my gosh I had a scary car trip today.  First the weather was NOT good for driving. It wasn't snow but really high winds and SO MUCH FOG. At times, I couldn't see 12 inches in front of me.  The Semi Trucks and I were literally crawling at a snail's pace in fear of crashing into something unseen.  The fog was beyond thick.  I had to be somewhere ON time so of course, the traffic was horrible even without the fog.  At one point, I didn't move for 20 minutes. I kept thinking how mad the people waiting for me would be. I kept thinking WHAT IN THE HECK! WHEN WILL WE MOVE?  Finally the traffic started moving and I saw what kept us all from going anywhere.  A big Semi Truck blew off the freeway and crashed through the guardrail and plummeted to the valley below.  I felt bad that I had been so annoyed at the traffic.  Being inconvenienced for 20 minutes is nothing compared to other alternatives.  Driving from Point A to Point B always seems a simple affair but times like these remind us all how careful we must be on the road.  Less than one hour later, I was driving down the freeway when all of the sudden an ambulance coming from the other direction turned on its emergency lights and cut across the lanes of traffic, the median and pulled right in front of me.  I had to slam on my brakes. I was thinking WHAT THE HECK when the ambulance abruptly came to a halt on the side of the freeway.  There was the most horrific accident scene I have ever witnessed.  It obviously  JUST happened.  A woman slammed  her car into the side of the road/guard rail and crashed through the front windshield and was thrown onto the  rock face. It was clear that it was a fatal accident. I can't tell  you how much I wish I didn't look! It was a gruesome sight. I had tears well up in my eyes instantly.  There is somebody somewhere that is going to get the worst call of their life. My timetable didn't seem that important anymore.  Better late than never....those words could not be more true.


  1. Oh, that makes me so sad just to read it. I am glad you are safe, but so sorry you had to see that and even worrier for that family. My friend lost her husband in a tragic accident like that and nothing can prepare you for that kind of phone call.

  2. I am so sorry to read about the remainder of your trip. I hate seeing accidents...the feeling stays with me for a long time. Glad you and the puppies arrived safely.

    Rocky and I had a great trip home. He has been amazing!! We've smothered him with love and he gives it right back. What a cuddle puppy! He's received an A+ for his first day away from home. Eating, drinking, poos, tinkles and sleep are all good. Woke up crying once around 3:30, went for a quick trip outside then back to sleep until 6:30. We are so happy! Hoping your trip back home is a safe and uneventful one!

    Christine P from MD

  3. Renee,
    We just love our Blue! We couldn't decide between Teddy and Ozzy so when my son said let's name him Blue since he was Mr. Blue with you it stuck. So glad you and all the puppies arrived safely! Safe travels back to Columbus! We'll send a pic and update soon.


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