Friday, February 3, 2012

No White Knuckles!

Today I had to make a puppy delivery to the airport.  The airport is about an hour's drive from here so it is an all afternoon affair to get to the airport in time, have enough time so the puppy can meet its new happy owner, and then return home. I was really not looking forward to doing the trip by myself today. I was about to leave when my son said he would go with me. Yea!  Company!!!!  He held the puppy in his lap so I didn't even need the travel crate. Yea again!! Then for an added bonus of even MORE YEA!, my son took the puppy into the airport while I pulled the car around and before I could even park the car, he was all done. The new owner loved her new puppy. The puppy loved her new owner and all was right with the world. YEA YEA!  Then my son got back in the car and said........."I can drive home now!" Oh right.  He has his permit.  And can drive.  All the way home. From the airport. In traffic. Joy.  So of course the only way a new driver can learn to drive is to actually drive  - so I slid over and gave him the wheel.  I was ready to grip the car handle with the white knuckle grip of death. I have already gone through the driver's permit stage with my two daughters so was prepared to add even more grey hair to my head.  Surprisingly - and in a good surprisingly way - I had No White Knuckles!  I mean I did GRAB onto the door handle when we had to merge across 5 lanes of traffic and he has never merged before. There is that moment when he says, "Now?" and I say, "Yes Now!" and he says "now!??!" that you have a slight hiccup in your calmness. As in YES NOW ACCCCKKKKK!  But other than that - the ride home was really nice.  He kept a good constant speed. He stayed in his lane. And he smiled. All the way home.  I had a happy smiling 15 year old boy for HOURS today!  Now what is better than that?!

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  1. Nothing!! After raising and teaching three children to drive, there is nothing more gratifying than when you realize that they actually know what they are doing!! There will be some Sleepless nights, but everything will be fine in the end!! I have been following you on FB now for the last couple of years, as we have two Golden's that are getting up in years. So I am sure (not looking forward to it) we will be looking for another great dog to add to our family in the next couple of years. Thanks for all the great photo's that you post!!


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