Monday, February 13, 2012

The Radar Is Clear!

Well I made it home safe and sound late last night.  I waited until later in the afternoon to start my drive home from Annapolis. It looked like the worst of  weather was over so I decided to take my chances. Most of the drive was pretty uneventful but there were a few places in the mountains where I thought, "WHY DID I DO THIS?!"  I hate it when there is just one lane BARELY open and you have to keep your tires right in the tracks and you can't see anything except the tail lights of the car in front of you.  It was snowing really hard and was SO WINDY.  Oh my gosh. I needed 2 hands on the wheel the entire drive. The semi-trucks were really having to struggle. While I was making the harrowing mountain drive home, Mr. Yesteryear Acres called and said, "The radar is clear! You have no snow!"  I let him know that I was behind a parade of 6 snowplows and it was snowing so hard I couldn't see the sides of the road.  He said that can't be right - the radar is clear! It isn't snowing there! I politely let him know that:
1) No one drives 25 mph on a freeway unless maybe...IT IS SNOWING
2) No one follows 6 SNOW plows on the freeway unless maybe....IT IS SNOWING
3) No one has their windshield wipers on full speed unless maybe ..... IT IS SNOWING
4) No one uses ALL their windshield wiper fluid to clean off the salt and slush unless maybe....IT IS SNOWING
5) No one sits in a car with wet slushy snowy boots unless perhaps they got out of the car to pump more gas and there was about 6+ inches of pure snow/slush on the ground because maybe just maybe......IT IS SNOWING
6) No one adds 2+ hours of driving time to their route, because they are driving so slowly, because they have to follow a snowplow, because they can't see, because there is so much snow UNLESS MAYBE IT IS SNOWING
I think he finally got the picture at number 3 - but I kept going.  I like to make a point. Even though it was super late when I got home, I made it and was greeted by a lot of furry kisses and hugs.  I have some AWESOME new puppy pictures that I posted to the website.  I will post them on tomorrow's blog.  You won't believe how much they have grown!  They are adorable.  And just remember - Even if the radar says it isn't snowing in the mountains, if your wife is driving in the snow - it is probably SNOWING!

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