Friday, February 10, 2012

Precious Cargo.....delivered safely

I made it! My ankle and I arrived safely in Annapolis and all the puppies were safely delivered to their new families. They were really good travelers. I mean they DID do a LOT of pooping along the way and I did have to make several pit stops - but no one got carsick and they were quiet little travelers. The only time they got really noisy was when I was listening to "The Whistler" on Radio Classics. Every time the storyline break came up and the whistling started, the puppies all started whining and howling. Mr. Yesteryear Acres is always whistling so I guess that made the puppies miss him! It was pretty cute! I did have one super exciting thing happen on my drive today! You will NEVER guess what crossed the road in front of me on the highway! I called Mr. Yesteryear Acres right away, I could hardly contain my excitement. He guessed Turkey. WRONG. I called my son (who is buried under blankets sick at home in bed) and he guessed Ring-Necked Pheasant. WRONG AGAIN! I mean I almost was jumping up and down IN the car I was so excited. Are you ready? A BOBCAT! A for real - big BOBCAT! It ran across all the lanes of traffic and I had to hit my brakes in order not to squish it. I got a really good close up look! I have only seen bobcats in the zoo. This is my very first wild bobcat and it was AWESOME! It just made my whole drive! There were also an inordinate amount of huge hawks today so I had my wildlife drive complete with patches of snow on the mountainsides. It was a good drive and I made it just ahead of the snowstorm. Now I am off to get a pillow, a bag of ice and rest my poor ankle until dinner time tonight. Hopefully the swelling will go down and I will make it out to see my midmom friends for the evening. In any event... I MADE IT!

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