Thursday, February 23, 2012

Puppies Make Everyone Smile

Do you know one of the very best things about puppies? They bring smiles to everyone!  Even the most grumpiest person can't resist a cute little puppy face.  Puppies make people say, "awwwww" and "ooooooh".  They turn grown REALLY  REALLY OLD AND VERY MATURE AND VERY SERIOUS 15 year old boys into little boys once again. I picked my son up from school today and had a puppy in the car. Of course when you are 15 1/2 it isn't really cool to have to go walk to your mommy's car. After all you are a few short months from being able to DRIVE a car ALL BY YOURSELF. So my son slowly walks over to the car, burdened with his heavy backpack full of books and homework, thinking about how much work lies in front of him and opens the car door. "AWWWWWW WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE LITTLE PUPPY?!!!!"  Instant smiles! Wouldn't it be nice if everything else in life was so easy? One little tail wag - and life is better instantly!

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