Friday, February 17, 2012

Well it was 2 hours long....

Today I have made a very nice slow cooked, much attention required, made from scratch, from the heart, dinner. What is the occasion you ask? Hmmmm. Because it is Friday? Yes. Yes. Because it is Friday! it because I recorded American Idol and started watching it in the kitchen and had to justify my time spent in the kitchen.  I mean I can't just sit and watch a TV show. We always have way too much work to do around here.  There is no sitting without guilt.  Puppies need care. Work needs done. Our "To-Do" list is always never ending.  So I started to wash all the puppy pans and hit "play" so I could watch some of last night's show while doing the dishes.  Well without my consent....I was stuck. Stuck watching the show. Stuck wondering WHO will be sent home!!!  How could I stop???  What could I do? I know! Cream of Potato Leek Soup! And what if I grate all the potatoes so I will have nice delightfully even pieces of potato in my soup. Oh wait - What if I make homemade bread sticks to go with the soup?  Now we are talking.  And how about if I trim all the puppy nails while the dough is rising? OOOOH!  I just might have the exact amount of work to do in the kitchen to get me to the end of the show. Dinner - check! Puppies - check! Dishes - check! Idol....CHECK! Happy family - Check check and check!

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