Monday, February 20, 2012

Puppy Overload

The puppies have been having so much fun playing outside lately.  The weather has been fairly mild considering it still is winter and they have been doing great with going potty outside.  I took my camera outside during their play session and got lots of cute pictures....
Does this step make my butt look big?

Hi Mom!

Can we stay out JUST a little longer please?

YEA!  Run around!!!!!

Let's play King of the Mountain!

Pssst.  I have a secret!

That was SO not a secret!  Of course we are cute!

I think I am ready for a nap soon!

Puppy Cuddles!!!  CHEESE!!!!!!!

That was a good day!!!!

Until next time!!!!  Smile!!!!!

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  1. Way too much cuteness for one post! We are over-the-moon excited for this weekend! Can't wait to meet our newest addition to our family! Thank, Renee!


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