Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mask and Gloves Required

This was most definitely a Mask and Gloves Required day - and no - I am not referring to puppy clean up. I am used to the puppy clean up.  I do the puppy clean up all day long.  Every 15 minutes I am cleaning up puppy stuff.  The sweet puppies never fail to leave me a little surprise.  4 times an hour I clean up poop. Every hour. Every day. Every week. Every month.  I am quite good at it and our puppy area is always clean. The puppies just love me for it too.  I always get the right amount of thanks, tail wagging and gratitude.  No this Mask and Gloves Required task was altogether different.  I cleaned.....the living room. Oh why is that so dangerous you ask? Well - my son has been SICK. AND he carries the man gene. AND he has been camped out in the living room as if it were his own personal MAN CAVE. AND in his mind - He was close to death and could not possibly leave his man cave. My son got sick last weekend.  In his defense- he was really sick. Not even "man sick". Legitimately sick.  He had a wicked upper respiratory infection, high fever, bronchitis.  He got a good dose of the virus for sure. So he camped out in the living room as it was far too far to go upstairs to his room.  There he sat day after day, box after box of tissues, contaminating the living room. I set up a large trash can which was overflowing with tissues and cough drop wrappers.  Some tissues didn't even make it to the trash can. YUCK.  Blankets, towels, wash cloths, popsicle wrappers - it was an environmental disaster area.  So when my son left for school today, I braved the disaster area and got to work. I donned my gloves and protective gear and cleaned and sanitized the entire living room.  I believe there is some kind of medal or award or something meritorious that I should receive for my efforts.  It was a monumental task.  I have one more load of blankets to put in the dryer and I can consider this job done.  Ahhhh job well done.  Ahhhhh finished. Ahhhhh I am amazing.  ACK! WAIT! NO! My son is home and he is ....going back into the LIVING ROOM!  He is resuming his "Man Cave" retreat! Nooooooooo!

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