Monday, February 6, 2012


Okay so here is the dilemma....and please once you read the dilemma do not act as if there is no dilemma.  Do not act as if there is only one obvious solution.  Feel my pain.  Feel the very big dilemma that I face. Suffer with me!
So my older daughter's birthday is THIS weekend. I am all set to go drive to Annapolis and stay the weekend. I made the hotel reservations last year.  I have puppies to deliver to the East Coast and all the families are set and ready for me to arrive with the puppy mobile eager to meet their new fluffy family members.  I have the birthday cake, special dinner menu, everything I need all ready for the weekend.  I even have other moms of midshipmen going to the Naval Academy the same weekend and we all have plans to get together.  We only get to have fun via email or facebook so this is a chance for us all to be together IN person!  Doesn't this plan sound perfect?  I mean the midmoms are going out to dinner, they want to join in the birthday celebration, they are meeting for breakfast, my daughter has been granted permission to be with me for the weekend.  Everything is all aligned perfectly. What is the issue??? Well my ankle REALLY hurts. I mean every single step I take.  I talked to the orthopedic surgeon today and I guess I did a REALLY good job of breaking it and tearing the ligaments and evidently I am supposed to be in pain for MONTHS.  I said, "MONTHS???!!" Yes - months.  I have a really long road to recovery. ARGH.  If I were to be realistic and honest - well I don't think I can do the 7+ hours of driving, deliver the puppies and not have my ankle be the size of let's say - a watermelon. Annapolis is definitely a walking type town and I KNOW I won't want to miss out on anything so I will do all the festivities.  I won't be able to say no.  There are some really fun plans for the weekend! I really want to go and do everything.  Realistically - I will suffer. My ankle is already pathetic and if I go - I face a weekend of deep pain. ON THE OTHER HAND ----- I have a spare!  I mean I have TWO ankles!!!  So what if one hurts. I have another one that works!  I can easily make the drive - and who doesn't like watermelon???  I can focus on the fact that my other ankle is fine - I can ignore the giant ankle and just go for it.  It is my daughter's birthday!  It is midmoms weekend!  It is Puppy Day!  I can't possibly miss out on all of that!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres said something along the lines that - HE would like to celebrate our daughter's birthday with her.  HE would deliver the puppies. HE would make the trip and I should work on rehabilitating my ankle as prescribed. Hmmmm. That just doesn't make any sense to me!  So Realism.....or.....Spare?!


  1. But...does Mr Yesteryear Acres want to meet with us midmoms and chat with us, and be silly with us, and make graduation plans with us? Is he? Is he? Is he REALLY looking forward to us??? I guess THAT is the better question!

  2. I don't believe that Mr Yesteryear Acres is looking forward to us. Sounds like he just wants to deliver puppies and see his daughter. I vote for spare. Hope to see you

  3. Spare! There is no stand-in for a fun Girls weekend!!!! Get one of those fun little scooters that look like skateboards but support an injured leg! You crazy ladies could probably have all kinds of fun with that! :o) And if you want to test the waters, feel free to drive our sweet Lola down to KY! Two hour drive would be a great test run, don't ya think?!


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