Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Don't Forget the Puppy Pictures!

In my wracked state of realism or spare - I totally forgot that Monday's Blogs are devoted to cute puppy pictures! What was I thinking?  I made Monday all dilemma-filled instead of all "awwwwwww" and "so cute" and I even took new pictures yesterday.  I updated the website with all the cuteness but didn't post the cuteness here. I must make amends. So here without further ado are this week's new puppy picture snuggles!
Hey!  Don't forget the Puppy Pictures!!!!
I want my picture taken first!!!!
Is this a cute pose?
But she makes a REALLY good pillow!!!!!
I just LOVE my hairdresser!
Weehoo!  I get to meet my family on Friday!!!!
I am not ready to leave my Mommy yet. I still have a few weeks to go.
See you next week!!!!

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