Sunday, February 5, 2012

Short but of course Sweet

My daughter is on her way back to college. Mr. Yesteryear Acres left right after lunch today to drive her back to school. *sniff sniff*  I think she spent just as much time driving to and from school as she did staying here. The doggies are all running around the house looking for her. They don't believe me when I tell them she is already gone again. We all miss her already!!!! It was a really quick visit but we packed as much fun and love as we could during her short stay. Last night we had the big birthday celebration. My daughter's birthday is only 3 days before her grandma's birthday so a combined birthday party is always the most fun.
The dinner turned out perfectly and then it was CAKE TIME!
Now at first glance this might seem like the person who put the candles in (me) did not have enough candles in the drawer and forgot to buy the number "9" at the store.  Au Contraire!  That is not the case at all.  See....Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mommy turned 77 - hence the number 77.  I know - that part seems obvious.  WELL - my daughter loves animals. And I had 12 awesome animal candles.  I mean who doesn't love zebra and giraffe candles? Right!?  AND if you add the TWELVE awesome animal candles to the number SEVEN.....SEE????? 19!!!!  I had it all planned out from the start.  The cake clearly has 77 and 19 candles of celebration on it! No one forgot to buy the number "9" at the store. Nope!
This look clearly says....we believe you.  Look even the doggie believes me!
I think as they are blowing out their awesome candles....they are both wishing that for their next birthdays - I make another cake with just the same amount of creativity and candle love as I did this year!!!!!
Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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