Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Plan B

Every single day here at Yesteryear Acres - we have the best intentions.  Our To-Do list is very thorough and we fully intend to cross each and every item off our list. Each and every day.....something happens to prevent the crossing off of the existing To-Do items but instead forces us to add additional items to the list.  That way our list is never done and each day we face Plan B.  Sometimes Plan B lasts and lasts and lasts so long that I completely forget about Plan A.  For instance TWO YEARS ago our plan was to restore our bedroom upstairs.  Great plan!  I love it!  This will be great! Is our bedroom restored? By restored do you mean the electric was all replaced and all the plaster restored but yet.....the bedroom remains EMPTY AND UNPAINTED?  Well then YES.  It is so restored.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres assures me that by the end of March this project WILL BE COMPLETE.  Being an eternal optimist, I SO want to believe him. I am willing all the good karma in the world surround Mr. Yesteryear Acres so this event can happen. This week is REALLY the week.  The week to get this bedroom finished.
Monday.....Plan A. Bedroom Restoration Project!
and then
Main outside waterline bursts, water running into barn
Monday Plan B.....Repair Waterline

Tuesday .....Plan A. Bedroom Restoration Project
and then
Horses rip through fencing and run wild all through our property
Tuesday.....Plan B.  Repair Horse Fencing

Wednesday...Plan A.  Bedroom Restoration Project
and then
Garage Door fall off track and cannot be opened
Wednesday....Plan B. Repair Garage Door

Thursday ....Plan A. Bedroom Restoration Project
and then
I shudder to even guess
Plan B to be determined.....

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