Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grill Time!

This morning I got up early and made a lovely Sunday morning breakfast.  Since it is a 3-day weekend, I thought it would be nice to have a little bit slower start to our day today.  While we were talking about our plans for the day, Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided that since it has been so NOT winter-like - he would get the grill out and grill our dinner tonight. YEA!  I love grill time.  I love it because - Mr. Yesteryear Acres is master of the grill. He is an awesome cook and makes the most delicious dinners on our grill.  I also love grill time because....THERE ARE NO DISHES!  YES!  Everything is OUTSIDE.  That is totally Mr. Yesteryear Acres territory.  All I have to do is make the side dishes and then the normal clean up after dinner dishes.  Easy! It is almost like having a night off!  Tonight - BARBECUE RIBS! Mmmmmmm. I am super excited.  Basically all I have to do is defrost some of our summer corn and voila! I am done!  Since I have extra time, I think I will go take all the puppies outside to play and enjoy the "winter" day.  The puppies look like they agree with me and think that my idea is awesome.  I will take a few extra pictures for tomorrow's blog.  It looks like a fun day!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog via Pinterest via Janet Snow, a fellow MID-mom. I had to put your blog on my Dashboard! I am an alumni MID-mom, my son graduated in the class of '10, company 12,and is currently a flight student at Whiting Airbase, in Milton,FL learning to be a helicopter pilot.He was a Systems Engineering grad. He loves flying the helicopter!! I live in the Orlando, FL area. Where are you? What year will your daughter graduate? I recently saw a photo of a goldendoodle on pinterest and actually repinned the photo to my wish list! I had never even heard of the breed!! And, here you are a breeder! I will enjoy reading your blog and hopefully learn about goldenpoodles and labradoodles. Does your business have a website? Have a great Navy day! ps if you would like to find me on facebook I am Mary Beates. :)I unfortunately don't have a blog yet.


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