Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beauty Parlor Day

Did you know all of those adorable sweet furry cute little puppies that I posted pictures of in yesterday's blog all needed baths today? This morning's weather was not very pleasant. Or to put it in more accurate terms - this morning's weather wasn't very pleasant for HUMANS but for puppies...OH BOY!  Rain and Snow!  Look at the mud puddles we can make!  My adorable cream and light apricot puppies really wanted to be chocolate doodles today.  My sink....I mean bathtub.....I mean puppy shower beauty salon...was quite active today.  All the puppies got cleaned up and they all smell so nice now.  The puppies also got the very long furry coats under their tails trimmed.  That makes it much nicer for outside potty runs because NO one likes when the potty business comes back inside underneath the tail all tangled up.  This is especially true when your cute little puppy who is so proud about doing his business outside comes bounding into the house and jumps onto your lap with his little tail wagging back and forth and then smears his business all on your lap.  Nope. Not fun.  So now they all have nicely trimmed rear ends and all their nails got trimmed as well.  I guess it was Beauty Parlor Day! And of course at Yesteryear Acres - Beauty Parlor Day has gone to the dogs!

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