Friday, May 18, 2012

All Gone!

Lady's puppies are getting bigger and they are now eating solid food.  They have quickly adjusted from, "WHAT IS THIS MUSHY YUCKY STUFF YOU ARE FEEDING US!" to "YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER TO BRING US SUCH DELICIOUSNESS!"  This morning they ate their entire breakfast and licked the bowl clean!  They all wagged their tails at me with a big "ALL GONE!" look on their faces.  Lady was ever so helpful in cleaning her sweet little puppies up.  She got every piece of gruel and licked her puppies clean while her tail was wagging the whole time.  When her puppies were all clean - she looked at me with a big "ALL GONE!" look on her face. It was definitely a happy "All Gone" morning for us all. I had that same look on my face.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres handed me my morning cup of coffee and I did NOT set my coffee down.  I didn't let go of my mug.  I didn't inadvertently misplace my precious cup of java today. Oh no...I cherished my coffee.  I savored my coffee.  I didn't put my mug down until I had the "ALL GONE!" look on my face! All Gone.... All Happy!

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