Thursday, May 10, 2012

Website is Down

I think this will be my least favorite blogpost I have ever written. My website hosting server has crashed! ACK! My website won't load! Last night I received several emails letting me know that my site was down. I frantically tried to fix it with no luck.  The hosting server used to have 24 hour customer service but evidently that is a thing of the past.  I had to wait until 5:30am this morning to get an actual person. I set my alarm and logged onto my computer at the crack of dawn. I tried calling. I tried chatting. Nothing worked.  It was then that I noticed that the customer service department was on PACIFIC time. ARGH!  I waited another 3 hours for the department to open only to find out that they know there is a problem and they are "working on it".  They didn't seem to be overly courteous or concerned with the fact that my website didn't load. They said, "we are working on it." In fact - that is the ONLY information I received. I asked what the issue was. "We are working on it." I asked when it might be resolved. "We are working on it." I asked how long my site has actually been down. "We are working on it."  Well dear website hosting server.....PLEASE FIX IT. When I call again this afternoon to check the status, I would like to hear, "We fixed it!" I don't like disappointing people and I don't like my site to be "unavailable." This is SO important to me and I really hope it is fixed soon!!!!!!!!!!

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