Thursday, May 17, 2012

TWO days in a row!

I mentioned that I was busy cleaning like a mad woman trying to get my upstairs back in order.  It is a really big task and I have been ever so devoted.  I haven't answered my phone. I haven't taken lunch breaks. I haven't even hardly taken bathroom breaks! I just wake up in the morning, throw on old working clothes and get busy. Yesterday I set my DELICIOUS cup of coffee that Mr. Yesteryear Acres so lovingly made for me on my daughter's vanity.  I planned on drinking it while I worked. It was in 6:45 in the EVENING...before I realized...I NEVER DRANK MY COFFEE!  WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was like, "what is missing in my day????? ACK! MY COFFEE!!!!!!"  I couldn't drink my coffee at that late hour as I would never be able to sleep - so I had to pour my entire cup of coffee down the drain.  Sadness!!!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres puts just the right amount of sugar in my coffee. It isn't even regular sugar. It is raw brown sugar that I love.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres puts just the right amount of cream in my coffee.  It isn't regular old cream. It is heavy whipping cream.  My Coffee is always heavenly!  Today I vowed to not make the same mistake!  I carried my coffee upstairs.  I put it down on my nightstand so I could sip it while I worked. WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was 6:30pm tonight before I realized I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!  What the heck?  Who forgets to drink coffee????!!!!  This is insanity!  Tomorrow morning, I vow to DRINK my coffee BEFORE I work.................I. Must. Have. Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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