Friday, May 25, 2012

Cry?! Who Me? NO WAY!

I made it! Happily I have made it in time to Annapolis so that I was present at the Naval Academy when my older daughter received some special awards and recognition. I was so grateful to have been able to attend the ceremonies. All the way to the Naval Academy I assured myself - I would not cry.  All the way to the Naval Academy, I wondered why so many moms of midshipmen had been getting all emotional this week. Not me.  This is a joyous occasion.  This is a time to celebrate.  This is an accomplishment of a lifetime.  This is no time for tears! I arrived full of smiles.  How exciting!  I smiled while I met many of her midshipmen friends.  I smiled when I met many of her professors. I smiled when I met many of her military leaders, captains, advisors and other people of importance.  I smiled through the slideshow. I smiled through the small movie of what it means to be a Marine.  I secretly gave myself pats on the back for not having any tears roll down my face.  I thought, "I am really good at this!"  I watched my daughter walk up on stage to receive one of her awards from the Chemistry Department, when I thought...."I remember when she walked across the stage in 2nd grade to get her best speller award.  I remember when she got her Science student of the year award in 7th grade. I remember when......." Suddenly, I could feel my eyes filling up with tears.  I could feel all the love welling up in my eyes and the pride I felt for my daughter roll down my cheeks. I wouldn't call it "crying" but I confess, I was glad I had some tissues in my purse.  I think I better restock.  I feel a few more "I am NOT crying!" moments are going to hit maybe as I write this blog.  I hope I can spellcheck through all this water in my eyes! Darn these allergies!

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