Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Left Behind

This is the BIG week.  The week that leads up to the single most important event in my older daughter's life. In exactly one week from today, my daughter will walk across the stage at the United States Naval Academy and receive her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.  This IS Commissioning week.  Four long hard dedicated years have led to this moment. Upon receiving her diploma, she will also be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. It is a huge momentous occasion for my entire family. We had hopes and dreams that we would all be together to witness the big celebration. We had hopes and dreams that we would be able to leave home without worrying about the puppies and doodle doggies. We had hopes and dreams that we would all be together when the midshipman covers are tossed into the air. Then Reality came knocking on the door.  How can we all leave the puppies and doggies behind without one of us being here? The puppy poop needs cleaned up every 15 minutes.  Yep - 4 times an hour is how often we do the fun puppy poop patrol. The double doodle puppies need to go outside every 2 hours for a potty break.  Every 2 hours.  Not 3 or 4 or whenever someone feels like it.  Not after a movie is all over but many times RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of a movie. The mommy doggies need to go outside just about every 2 hours as well. The doggies need food, the doggies need love, the doggies need someone here all the time.  It is a lot of work.  We could hire help - but no one cares for our doggies like we do.  It isn't just a job to us. We pour our hearts into our work out of love every hour of every day of every week of every year. There are no days off. And so...someone has to stay behind.  One of us will miss the big graduation ceremony. One of us will miss seeing our loved one reach her dream. It is really sad but it is what we all signed up for when we decided we would care for and love living, breathing, loving, little four legged creatures. Doodle doggies and puppies never know if it is Christmas or a special Birthday or a Wedding or Commissioning Day. They just know they love us - and we love them. And for the really big question, that has been asked many times...........
Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres Mommy,
Dear Mommy of mine,
Dear anyone else who is worried (my sister) .........
No. We do not know who is staying behind. We don't have that worked out yet. No. It isn't an easy decision. Yes. We do think it is sad. Yes. We do wish we could all be together. Please don't fret. Just remember - the hard working values of our family, the devotion, the determination, the loyalty, the commitment, are the paths we choose to follow every day.  We are blessed.  Our older daughter will now be a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps. She will be the most hard working, devoted, determined, loyal, committed Marine Corps officer and we all (whether at home or at the ceremony) couldn't be happier or more proud! Semper Fi! Always Faithful!

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  1. And it is the hard working values of your family that your daughter has obviously learned in order to achieve her dream. Congratulations!!! Best wishes to her as she pursues this next phase of her life.


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