Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Packed to the Gills

To say our car was packed to its maximum capacity would be a gross understatement.  There was simply NO room left.  In fact, we had a small cooler that we had to give to my sister to take home with her as we could not fit it in our car.  My nephew was quite happy with our lack of room because he got all the Reese's Cup Ice Cream cups.  With all our daughter's possessions, her uniforms, her USNA belongings, our Commissioning Week paraphernalia, and leftover food from the week's festivities - we headed on home.  The drive home took longer than usual as the roads were littered with accidents.  We couldn't believe all the delays.  The worst one was actually on the other side of the freeway. An entire dump truck load of asphalt spilled all over the freeway when the truck flipped over during the accident.  The freeway was backed up for miles and miles. In fact if you have loved ones traveling east on I-70 - they will definitely be late for dinner.  In addition to the overturned asphalt truck, we passed a semi truck that had to be completely engulfed in flames. It was nothing but cinders by the time we passed it.  It was a long drive home - but we made it safe and sound.  The puppies and doodle doggies were SO excited to see us. Our younger daughter did a most excellent job of caring for our little four legged loved ones at Yesteryear Acres so that we could watch our older daughter graduate.  I am not sure who was happier - the doodle doggies or my daughter! We were equally happy to see them too!  Now we get the fun job of unloading all the stuff.  Guess it will be a late night but tonight...we sleep in our own beds! Hooray!

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