Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Is that the IRON?!?!

I don't iron.  I know HOW to iron but I don't iron. Each day I have a million things on my "To-Do" list and ironing doesn't even make the list.  I don't like to iron, I am not good at ironing, and furthermore, I am actually capable of putting MORE creases in a shirt, if and when I actually do iron. Mr. Yesteryear Acres LOVES a crisp ironed shirt.  Heck, I love a crisp iron shirt! Who doesn't?  The thing is - Mr. Yesteryear Acres doesn't have much occasion to wear a crisp ironed shirt.  I have assured him that doodle doggies do not care if your shirt is ironed or not.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I go out ....maybe once a year. We never go out to dinner. We never go out on dates. We are always home. Home with doggies. Doggies that do not care if your shirt is ironed which brings me back to my original point........I don't iron. Well today, I had to dig the iron out from its hiding place.  It is stuck in the linen closet WAY in the back.  It is buried under sunscreen bottles, washcloths, and extra pillow cases. It was a chore just to find it! My task of the day was to repair our upstairs couch cushions.  The cushions do I say this....the cushions are well loved.  So well loved in fact that the material has worn thin in some places and in other places there are actual holes. The couch is a little past its prime. It isn't a pretty sight. I bought some denim patches at the fabric store in preparation for the couch repair. Our couch is a blue denim material - so the patches are perfect. Except for one thing - you have to IRON the couch cushions first! WHAT?! ACK!  So I got out the iron and I followed the directions and, yes, after working diligently for several hours, I repaired the couch.  It actually looks really good!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres gave it a big thumbs up. He said it looked terrific.  Then he looked over on the desk and said, "Is that the IRON?!?!" Of course I had to immediately tell him that the iron was overheated. It was exhausted. It had been working all day and needed to go back into hibernation. It wasn't used to so much activity so there is NO way that it was up to the task of ironing his shirts.  The iron was just too exhausted. I made sure the iron gave Mr. Yesteryear Acres the appropriate look of despair before I put it away. In the linen closet. WAY in the back. Buried underneath the sunscreen bottles, washcloths and extra pillow cases. Just as all good irons should be!

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