Thursday, May 24, 2012

MISSING! Seven Dwarfs!

Such Sadness!  Such heartbreak! The Seven Dwarfs are GONE!!!!  Not too far from our house there is a hill that overlooks a turn in the road.  On top of the hill are statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  They are completely hideous statues but from the very first time I saw them, I felt the need to wave.  Then I felt the need to make my kids wave. Then it became "THE LAW"! You are not allowed to go on any road trip or return from any road trip without waving to the Seven Dwarfs.  Of course the kids all balk and moan but no matter how much they protest, waving happens.  One time my son was adamant that he would NOT wave but as we were just passing by the Seven Dwarfs, there went his hand back and forth, waving.  I mean you just can't drive by and NOT wave.  You can't do it.  It is a huge tradition now and we all get ready as we approach the hill.  It is time for THE SEVEN DWARFS...MOAN...GROAN....PROTEST....WAVING!!!!  Waving with enthusiasm!! Today, as we drove by, eager with waving anticipation......THE DWARFS WERE GONE!  Instead there was an EXCAVATOR on the hill and NO DWARFS!  ACK! Who did this?!?!!! Where are my Dwarfs????!!!!   I immediately called my kids to tell them the horrible news.  Each one of them is in mourning.  Even my son was sad they were gone.  sigh.  I guess we will have to find a new tradition. Anyone know a place where 7 lonely ugly dwarfs and one half faded snow white might be hanging out? We miss them already!!!!!

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  1. as I read through a couple of your blogs and i notice no comments I think...why not....this lady is hysterical...who isnt dying laughing right now, come on people fess up!


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