Wednesday, May 23, 2012


As I was driving to the store this morning I noticed a brand new construction sign. It is bright orange.  It has BIG BOLD letters.  It spells D O O M.... "NOTICE: This bridge will close starting June for SEVENTY DAYS" 70 days? CLOSED.  NO bridge??????!!!!! For the entire summer?????  Are you kidding me? I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that. Instead of driving on my road for 5 miles on a nice straight little path to get into town - I can go ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD to get there.  My 10 minute little trips to the store are no more. This will be a huge inconvenience.  My son runs cross country and has to be at the school at 7am most mornings during the summer. The bridge is located right before the turn to go to his school. ACK!  I will have a road trip to get there now. ACK! UGH! WAH! I must study Google Maps. I must come up with an alternative route. There has to be a way that won't take as long as I fear it will take.  If I don't find a good son might want to consider Triathlons! Yes!  That is the ticket! He should become a triathlete!  He can work on the swimming training right away! I will drive him right up to the bridge, he can jump out of the car, dive into the river, and SWIM to cross country practice!  Yes! I am so brilliant!  I came up with a solution so quickly!  No road construction worries for me!

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