Thursday, May 3, 2012

King Size Sleep

For 25 years Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have shared a full size bed.  Yes that is right.  A full size bed. As in a bed that is just slightly larger than a twin size bed.  In case you were wondering....Mr. Yesteryear Acres is not a small man.  He has kind of a stocky muscular build. This comes in handy when our daughters bring friends over as Mr. Yesteryear Acres looks a little intimidating. We all crack up over this - because if you know Mr. Yesteryear Acres, you know he has the softest heart. We just don't tell any teenagers who happen to be at our house that! They are always afraid they will do something to make Mr. Yesteryear Acres mad so they are extra polite. I think our favorite quote from a midshipman who visited us is, "I would not want to do anything to make you mad SIR!"  Of course, Mr. Yesteryear Acres does nothing to dissuade this thought.  So I am sure you get the idea.....Mr. Yesteryear Acres = NOT small.  I sadly must admit....I am not as small as I once was either.  I am much more fluffy than I was back in my younger days. sigh.  Darn Ice Cream! So there we are...two people...side by side....both slightly fluffy....and one very small bed. For 25 years. Plus we always have several doggies joining us in the bed as well so it is really one crowded small cramped space! When we decided to restore the bedroom, we agreed we would get a new bed.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres was actually against the idea for quite a while.  "Why do we need a new bed?  This bed is just fine."  I was more like "wouldn't it be nice if we BOTH fit on the bed?" "Wouldn't it be nice when we are covered in doodle doggies that there would be room for the HUMANS in the bed?" When it came time to go shopping, Mr. Yesteryear Acres wanted the Queen size bed and I wanted the King. The King size was actually on sale and Mr. Yesteryear Acres STILL wanted the Queen.  At the end of the battle, the King Size bed won. Last night we finally set up the new King Bed and IT IS HUGE!  We both stood there with our mouths agape wondering WHY DID WE BUY SUCH A MONSTROSITY!??!  How will it fit? Why is it so tall?  Why is it so big?  We had serious doubts about the bed and we both thought about returning everything.  It is just GIGANTIC.  After staring for hours we decided to make peace with the big behemoth and I put the sheets and comforter on.  Around 2 am we crawled into the humongous bed and..............."OH MY!" and "Ahhhhhh" and "THIS IS SO COMFORTABLE!"  Mr. Yesteryear Acres said, "Oh wow! My whole body fits on this bed!" We have both been used to sleeping right on the edge of the bed with half our body hanging over the sides -- we were shocked at all the room.  We actually scooted towards the middle and STILL had room.  We both decided that this was a King Size Sleep....
That was just right!

And of course Doggie Approved!!!!

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