Sunday, May 20, 2012

Double Trump!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres pulled the trump card on me yesterday!  Here I was, trash bags in hand, boxes at the ready, ready to tackle my son's room.  We had just got in a nice groove. At the very start of the massive excavation, my son was all, "I don't want to" and "This is so boring" and "I hate working inside".  We JUST got past that and were starting to make some headway when Mr. Yesteryear Acres called. "TIME TO GET THE HAY IN!" What???? Hay? NOW?!?  UGH! Mr. Yesteryear Acres needed our son to start mowing the hay field RIGHT NOW.  You know the ole saying about making hay while the sun shines. Well evidently this weekend the sun was shining brightly and instead of "let's tackle that bedroom" - it was, "Let's make Hay!" ARGH!  Now how can that be more important? How can Hay - which needs to be cut, and bailed, and stacked before the rain comes be more important than cleaning a room that has been a mess for months? Yes. I know. Hay IS more important. And the worst part was - the HUGE GIGANTIC SMILE on my son's face! He was SOOOOOO excited to have to go mow the hay field. Evidently that is WAY more fun that being cramped up in a room CLEANING all day.  He was gone in a blink of an eye.  I thought I would keep cleaning and working when....DOUBLE TRUMP CARD! The puppies all needed their nails trimmed and the bedding all changed and the toys all cleaned. Yes. Puppies trump room cleaning  too! Oh well. At least we got a ton done and it looks like we might get the hay in on time. There is more raking to do tomorrow and maybe we can start baling. Never a dull moment here!!!!!

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