Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy's Day Stork!

We have a very smart Labradoodle Doggie!  She can read! Our cream Labradoodle Juneau looked at the calendar yesterday and thought, "Oh! It is Mother's Day!  I better get busy!" Yes, Our Mother's Day was extra special as we welcomed new baby labradoodle puppies into the world.  We have a beautiful assortment of caramels, creams and caramel reds.  Juneau did a great job!
Here are the new babies
They are the cutest little bundle of love!

Lady's Double Doodle Puppies made their first adventure outside.
They snuggled up with Mr. Yesteryear Acres and enjoyed the sunshine.

The grass is tickly!
Trixie's Double Doodle Puppies are getting bigger
And are as cute as can be
If you were wondering what it looks like
when you are offered
in taking all the puppy pictures........

Is this helpful?????

How about this? They don't need their little faces in the picture. 
They need KISSES!
Happy Monday!!!

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