Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Massive Excavating Continues

All our house projects here have been on kind of a standstill as we waited for Mr. Yesteryear Acres to finish restoring the master bedroom.  We had our furniture kind of stashed all over the upstairs.  Our poor son's room looked a bit like a warehouse.  He suffered the worst of it as we had our dressers and clothes and all sorts of our belongings stacked in his room.  The kids playroom upstairs was also completely buried.  So now that our bedroom is done, and all our furniture and clothing are back where they should be, the rest of the upstairs looks a bit like a disaster area.  We kept shoving things here and there while waiting for the bedroom to be completed, and now it is just a complete mess.  We have been working diligently every day trying to get our upstairs back in beautiful order.  I have been selecting a quadrant of a single room every day.  I have my task. I have my goal. I come armed with bags and dusters and boxes and vacuums and then I get busy.  We have been making huge progress and things are finally coming together.  Today's project was the attic. UGH.  My daughter and I moved box upon box upon box and sorted and stacked and cleaned and swept.  It was an all day project.  We didn't even come down for a bite of food until after 4pm and then went right back to work.  My entire body aches.  Even my fingertips are sore!!! I hope I can walk tomorrow! If not - I might need a day off! Excavating is hard work!!!!!

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